DaVinci Vaporizer - as good as the Pax?

We think better.

If you have placed an order for the DaVinci vaporizer and have had this thought that it is a walkie-talkie or old walkman turned vaporizer then you are not alone. At the first glance of it, you are not sure if this little vaporizer would be appealing to many. However, once you spend a minute or two reading its specs and checking out the physical features, it is difficult not to like the DaVinci Vaporizer.

There are quite a few pros of the DaVinci vaporizer that makes it a popular choice and a wise investment. The first aspect of it all would be its portability and variance. We all love choices and the fact that the DaVinci vaporizer is available in White, Gray and Black colors only offer the much needed variety that most vaporizers do not boast of. By the look of it, this vaporizer looks real simple to use and in reality it actually is. The DaVinci vaporizer is convenient to use, just a few pop outs and a few clicks at the buttons setting the temperature and a short wait, you are ready to puff your favorite blend. Considering the ease of use, this is perfect for starters. In case you are switching from cigarettes or some other devices to vaporizers then look no further.

What the DaVinci vaporizer does well to achieve is that the user interface is pretty simple with the large digital display and the device is pretty clean. The designated trays and the empty cans ensure that your vaporizer does get too messed up after a few sessions. Although the lateral width may appear to be a little broader than many other vaporizers in its class but it actually helps you to grip it more firmly. Clearly, the manufacturers had a focused objective and have managed to deliver.

The price of the DaVinci vaporizer may seem to be pretty handsome but the material and the experience justifies the investment of 250 odd bucks. Moreover, it is highly durable and is likely to last longer than most other portable small vaporizers that are selling at the moment.

The DaVinci Vaporizer pack Includes a Metal Storage Case, 2 Oil Cans (reservoirs), Battery Charger, Cleaning Tool, Extra Screens, User Manual and a Free Bonus Package of 2.0” Premium Aerospace Aluminum Grinder.

If you have not tried out this one and love vaping then you need to get your hands on this one.


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Da Vinci Vaporizer review

4.9 out of 5

Vapes consistantly and efficiently. A pure clean fragrant vapor. Has incredible features for a portable, the best on the market. This is state of the art for portable vapes.

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